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admin Said,
June 10th, 2008 @9:29 pm  

Hi Antiques,

We are big fans too… Glad you enjoyed the movie…. :-)

Stone Said,
June 10th, 2008 @10:11 pm  

That’s cool. But please don’t refer to this a DOS window. It has nothing to do with DOS. You can telnet to the same address from a UNIX, Linux, Mac, Solaris, Beos, or about any other system that uses telnet to see the movie.

admin Said,
June 10th, 2008 @10:35 pm  

Hi Stone,

You are of course, correct, I’ve simply worded it that way to reach out to all levels of Windows users. Most Linux, Unix etc. users wouldn’t need an explanation.

It is easier to state that it is something that you can see in your DOS window than stating that it is a movie you’ll need to telnet into. We at ebcak.com want things to seem as simple as possible, there are enough sites out there that complicate things enough.

Thanks for your comment. :-)

Anthony Said,
June 10th, 2008 @11:24 pm  


By default, Vista doesn’t install the Telnet client. The client is for text-based communication with remote systems. You can install it by following these steps:

1. Click Start then select Control Panel.

2. Select Programs and Features.

3. Select Turn Windows features on or off.

4. Select the Telnet Client option.

5. Click OK.

6. A dialog box will appear to confirm installation. The telnet command should now be available.

Then go to start > type cmd > press enter

when command pops up type in


o towel.blinkenlights.nl


admin Said,
June 10th, 2008 @11:34 pm  

Thanks for that update Anthony,

Cheers :-)

admin Said,
July 7th, 2008 @1:52 am  

Hey table1, cialis and wedding updos,

table1 thanks for your input with MAC.
Cialis this works on any computer as long as you can access a telnet client.
wedding updos, thanks for your comment and compliment :-)

michael Said,
May 28th, 2009 @5:30 am  

kl stuff!

thnks anthony but it tok comput 30 mins to “configure settings”!


May 28th, 2009 @3:22 pm  

glad you liked it Michael :-)

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